DUNKIRK Between 1626 and 1798:

1626 The territory in which Dunkirk is located was first visited by a French missionary in 1626. He found that it was inhabited by the Eries, a band of Indians related to the Five Nations. The Eries were known as the Cat Nation. There were evidences that buffaloes ranged along the southern shore of Lake Erie in early days. HD, et al

1654 The Eries were exterminated in 1654 by other Indian tribes, and the Iroquois took over this region.

1669 The French explorer, Robert Cavalier de La Salle, made his way through the wilderness along the south shore of Lake Erie, on his way to the Ohio River. HD

1672 La Salle published a map of Lake Erie, although his exploration of this territory was not complete. HD

1678 LaSalle [sic] returned and made a more thorough exploration of Lake Erie and the surrounding region. HD

1790 A party of surveyors under Andrew Ellicott, Surveyor General of the United States, traversed the shore of Lake Erie in August, on their way to establish the boundary of New York State. C,.et al

1797 The Holland Land Company obtained title and all rights to the land in Western New York, under a treaty made with the Indians at Genesee. BP

1798 Surveyors for the Holland Land Company, under the direction of Seth Pease, surveyed the shore line of the harbor. C