Photograph Use Policy:

Please note that all images printed and framed in the museum or  posted on this website are the property of the Historical Society of Dunkirk (Dunkirk Historical Museum). The museum staff will allow you to take cell phone photos of photos or objects inside the museum for personal use, but will not allow use of more professional cameras. We request these images not be posted to social media.  Most of our images on our website or facebook page are watermarked to prevent copying from happening.


If you are interested in obtaining a scan or print copy of an image for professional use (research, publication of an article or book, etc.) please go to our website page entitled “Research” to download our form or contact us via our “Contact Us” page and you will be asked to fill out the  “Publication use form”.  No image or scan can be provided until this form is filled out. A donation is also requested (see Research Page for further information).

If you are interested in an image for personal use (such as if you discover it is a photo of a relative), again state your request in writing, together with the donation. We reserve the right to refuse a scanning request on size, condition, copyright, or any other grounds.

Please note use of any images for mass copying, for sale purposes, for  posting on line on social media is prohibited.

If you see an image on our website and you have information about the business pictured or about the people in the photo,  please submit your information to us so that we might add that information to our files.


Collections Committee Policy Collections Committee Policy


Research and Use of Photographs Policy: PhotoForm.