This image of Dunkirk as seen from west of the city, shows a city sitting on the edge of Lake Erie. At the left stand the smokestacks of ALCO_Brooks. The Nelson Opera House stands above the shorter buildings at the right,


This sketch of the Eggers family home at 438 Swan St. reveals a house looking very much as it does today.


Eggers depicted the Falls from its base, a young couple sitting in the forefront and ignoring the tour guide and crowd standing closer to the falls.


Five railroad lines ran through Dunkirk so this would have been a familiar scene for Eggers from the east side of town. Visible are the smokestacks of ALCO-Brooks and church spires, possibly those of Sacred Heart or St. Mary's.


This is a copy of an early drawing of fishing shacks that lined Lake Erie's shore. The original is found at ether Burchfield-Penney Art Center in Buffalo.


Eggers used familiar local scenes such as this--the city reflected in Lake Erie. The smokestacks of ALCO stand to the left, with the spires of St. Mary's and possibly St. John's Episcopal as well.


A distorted landscape in Untitled Gnarled Tree and Man features a man caricatured in extreme despondency. The smoke rising in the background suggests some devastating event just occurred.