The museum has a number of objects and documents connected with wars beginning with the Spanish American War up through the Vietnam War.

A highlight of the collection is the Civil War military uniform and sword, a Civil War saddle, and a number of military weapons and clothing related items:

English bayonet from the Boer War

U.S bayonet and scabbard from World War II made for the Garand Springfield rifle by the AF&H Company                             (American Fork and Hoe)

Japanese bayonet from the Arisaka bolt action 6.5x50 mm caliber model rifle

Navigators sextant owned by Dunkirk born Commander Harry B. Lyons, USNR and N.Y. State Militia

"Flat hat" from the US Navy from the fleet tub, U.S.S. Tuscarora, built in 1941

U.S. Navy Officer's cap, pre 1941

US. Civil Defense Helmet, US, World War II

Shore Patrol paraphernalia and Bos'n Call (whistle) used by Louis Van Wey, Senior Chief Boatswain's Mate, USN   during World War II